Audi e-commerce

Platform for online car sales

E-commerce platform designed to provide a seamless and convenient car buying experience. Using this website, customers can purchase their desired Audi vehicle from anywhere at any time, without having to visit a dealership or interact with sales representatives in person.

The online purchase process is designed to be fast and efficient, taking only 30 minutes to complete. This was a significant improvement compared to the traditional offline process, which could take several hours or even days.


My role

My responsibility was to optimise the process and develop designs for onboarding, delivery options and define the whole post-purchase process including order overview and tracking. I created responsive screen designs according to Audi design system and brand guidelines.

Our product team conducted user-tests using an angular-clickdummy, which gave users a realistic impression of using the actual product. As part of my job, I also executed clickdummy updates using my knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Besides that, quality assurance of the implemented designs was my responsibility. Together with developers I proved that responsive designs look fine at any device. 


User Pain Points 

Through user surveys, it was revealed that many people expressed dissatisfaction with the traditional car purchasing process. Majority of participants were willing to buy new car online. With this information in mind, our product design team developed a more efficient car purchasing process that significantly increased customer satisfaction among Audi buyers.


User Flow

The purchasing process consitet of 11 steps (inkl. Trade-in Option).



Since online car purchasing may be an unfamiliar process for most users, I developed a short onboarding to provide users with a preview of all the steps in advance.

Design iterations


Final Onboarding Screen

After conducting a series of user tests, our product team concluded that a single screen with a brief process overview was the most effective approach.


Delivery options

This feature provided users a range of delivery options, including home delivery, pickup from an Audi dealership or directly from Audi factory. Each option had a brief description of the delivery method, along with all relevant information about extra fees.


Purchase Overview & Next Steps

The purchase overview screen offers users a comprehensive summary of their purchase, including the selected car model and any optional extras. In addition, this screen displays the estimated delivery date and current order progress, keeping the user informed of the status of their purchase.




audi-before audi-after

Move the slider to compare before/after screens.


Animated prototypes

To discuss my ideas with stakeholders I made prototypes in InVision and Principle. In principle prototypes I used sophisticated animations, including microanimations.

User tests

During our project, we conducted a range of user tests, including both qualitative and quantitative methods. For our qualitative tests, we interviewed participants for 60 minutes and asked them to interact with the platform while being observed using eye-tracking technology. We also used the "think aloud" method to gather insights into participants thoughts, feelings, and experiences as they navigated through the platform.

By using eye-tracking technology, we were able to observe where participants looked on the screen, what they clicked on, and how they interacted with the platform. This data was crucial in identifying areas of frustration or confusion that needed improvement. 


Business Value

The project began as a pilot program in Germany, with plans to expand into other markets in the future. Online reservation of cars is already available in several countries, including France, Italy, Australia, Japan, Canada, and Spain.

Through this project, Audi made significant improvements to its customer online experience. The long-term vision is to create a centralized e-commerce platform where customers can easily access all the services they need, from purchasing new and used vehicles to leasing, financing, and maintenance packages.

Audi Design System

Together with other designers I participated in the development of an Audi design system by creating templates and components. Our goal was to create consistent design experience across various digital platforms.